Win From Within – Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson, from Tobyhanna, Penn., is now 20 years old. He trains every day. And he is truly an example of someone living a Life Without Limits. “I think in life people wait for challenges to come to them,” Ben Jackson says. “But when you’re born with the challenges, you learn how to overcome them from day one.”

As is the case with so many, when Ben was born, doctors were unsure if he would ever walk, never dreaming he would one day strive to be an internationally renown Power Lifter. But Ben’s persistence, passion, strength, and belief in himself never let him quit.

“I used to go home and cry every night and ask, ‘Why me? Why me? Why me?’” Jackson recalls in the clip above. “At some point I stopped being the victim of my disability… What makes me different is not the physical you can see. What makes me different is what’s inside my heart.”



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